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roof replacement Birmingham ALRoof Replacement Birmingham serves residential and commercial customers by removing old roofs and installing new roofs.

Shingle roofs, metals roofs, flat roofs and even Cedar Shake Roofs, we provide quality roof replacement at affordable prices.

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Whatever your needs, we have the expertise to meet them. Whether you’re looking for an emergency repair or wish to replace your old roof with the highest quality new materials, you’ll find everything you need through us.

Roof Replacement Company

Your roof is one of the most valuable parts of your home. Be sure you choose a reputable roof replacement company when it’s time for a new one. With the right materials, quality installation, and proper maintenance, your investment can easily last decades. We’re so sure of that we’re willing to offer warranties of up to 50 years on our work.

If your current roof is wearing thin, protect your home and its contents with a quality roof replacement. We deal with all types of roofs:

  • Shingle Roofs – The most common type of residential roof, shingle roofs are constructed from overlapping pieces of durable material.
  • Metal Roofs – Another option for residential homes, metal roofs provide long lasting, low maintenance protection.

What if you just need roof repair? Small damages can cause big headaches as they allow damaging leaks into your home. With our unpredictable weather, you’ll be glad that our roofers provide quick, durable repairs for less than you might expect.

Storm Damage Roof Repair – Your roof is at its most vulnerable during a storm when high winds and flying debris can rip off shingles. The quicker these can be replaced, the safer your home will be.
Hail Damage Roof Repair – Hail rarely removes roofing material. However, the impact damage can weaken it, setting it up to fail sometime in the future.
Roof Leak Repair – Once the water starts to drip, you need fast service to protect your home and valuables.
Emergency Roofing – Some damages just can’t wait. We pledge to temporarily close up leaks within 24 hours, then work on a permanent solution.

Constructing a brand new home or building? Let us provide the new roof installation so your building project can look forward to decades of beauty and protection.

Roof Insulation
Some types of roofing system call for a type of roof insulation called Iso-Board. This rigid, light-weight insulating board provides a smooth surface to attach a new flat roofing membrane to and even increases the R-Value of your home. But what about underneath the roof, like in the attic?

The attic insulation in your home directly impacts the longevity of your roof and the energy efficiency of your home. That’s why we always like to make sure your home’s attic space is properly insulated. If it isn’t, we can include a free estimate to have it installed along with your new roof.

Roof Replacement Birmingham removes and installs roofs for residential and commercial customers.

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