Emergency Roofing

24hr emergency roofing serviceWho offers 24-hour emergency roofing when you need it done right now? We do. Around the clock roof repair when it’s urgent!

Emergency Roofing Repair Is Available 24 Hours A Day!
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Some things just can’t wait. When you need help right now, we’ll be there with quick, quality and affordable roof repair to protect your home or business.

24-Hour Emergency Roofing

Water damage is difficult if not impossible to get rid of. Wet floors become dangerously slick. Mildew and mold can invade everywhere, while water can compromise electronics, increasing the risk of electrical fire.

That’s why it’s so important to get help the moment the leak starts, even if it’s the middle of the night. And you don’t want to have to sort through local emergency roofing companies at 3am. Have our number on hand and we’ll get your roof back in repair within 24 hours.

For larger areas, we may need to apply tarps to minimize damage to the interior of your home. Then we permanently repair your roof with quality materials, leaving it good as new.

What Types of Roof Damage Need Emergency Roofing?
The most common cause of damage is the weather, particularly wind, which can rip up shingles. Flying debris can also damage the roof. Fire can cause considerable damage, but as long as the building is stable, we can probably apply emergency roofing repair. Lightning strikes are a possibility, although rare. And animals can burrow their way under shingles and through wood paneling to get into your home.

Safety First
Storms can make for very dangerous working conditions. While we make every effort to arrive promptly, there are times when we have to wait for severe weather to pass. We urge you to take similar care of yourself. If large amounts of debris are on your roof, keep out from under it, or leave the home and seek shelter elsewhere, such as a hotel. Unplug any electrical items that may get wet from leaking water.

We provide 24 Hour Emergency Roofing in Birmingham.

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