Attic Insulation

attic insulation installerLooking for an Attic Insulation company in or around Birmingham? If your utility bills are literally going through the roof, you should be!

Remove and Replace your old attic insulation and watch your heating and cooling bills drop!
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The less work your heating and air conditioning system has to do, the less it will cost you to maintain the temperature in your home.

Replace Attic Insulation

There are usually two reasons why a homeowner would consider replacing their attic insulation. The first one has to do with unusually high energy bills. The second reason is usually due to water damage caused by a roof leak.

By properly insulating your attic, the air conditioning and heating system your home uses to heat and cool the air in your home don’t have to work as hard to maintain temperature. Since they are running less frequently, they use much less electricity.

Anytime the attic insulation in your home becomes wet or saturated with water or moisture, it’s best to remove it and replace it with new, energy efficient attic insulation.

Blown-In Attic Insulation

replace attic insulationOf all the types of insulation that are most commonly found under the roof of the homes in Alabama, blown-in attic insulation is king. Why? Because it can be installed easily and will conform to just about any space, regardless of obstacles such as plumbing or electrical pipes, rafters & beams, can lights, etc.

Specifically, we install and are Certified Preferred Attic Insulation Contractors for Owens Corning Pro-Cat insulation. This pink, energy efficient and non-itchy blown insulation is the absolute best for your home.

It will not absorb water or moisture which can lead to mold and it will not settle over time. This means that once installed, it comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to help ensure that it may be the last you’ll need to replace it.

How Much Does Attic Insulation Cost?
There is no dispute that every house needs to be properly insulated with the recommended R-Value insulation. The biggest question most people want to know is how much money it will cost to install attic insulation. Good news; much less than you think.

In additions to being very affordable, the money you save on air conditioning and heating bills will end up paying you back for it over time. If you’re a little cash strapped, we offer financing too.

We provide attic insulation installation, replacement and removal all across Birmingham, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills, Trussville, Pelham, Alabaster and Homewood AL.

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