Attic Vents

roof mounted attic ventsAre the attic vents in your home so old you’re afraid they’re going to fall apart?

If they’re showing their age, it’s time for an upgrade. Since we specialize in replacing roofs, it would be tough to find someone who knows more about attic vents and insulation.

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We’re professional ventilation experts who can assist you with upgrading your existing attic vents or installing a new one.

Attic Vent Replacement

attic vent companyReplacing your attic vents can either be a fairly straightforward process or one that takes a little more time and work. It really depends on how your attic vents were installed in the first place. If the correct type of vent was used and they’re in the right places, we will simply swap them out.

On the other hand, your attic vent replacement might be more complicated if we determine that the wrong vents were used. There are a number of different vent options, and some work better for certain types of houses. Using the wrong vents means they won’t be as efficient and as effective in cooling your home.

There are a number of benefits to replacing your old system. Your cooling bills will be lower. Your roof will last longer. You won’t have to worry as much about mold. If your vents are fairly old, replacing them can also greatly reduce the chance of leaks in your home.

Powered Attic Vents

ventilate an atticIf your vents are fairly old, it’s possible they were installed before powered attic vents were available. These attic vents have a small fan inside them that is powered by a motor. This allows you to take a more proactive stance is forcing moisture and hot air out of your attic.

While these vents can be wired into your home’s electrical system, most use solar power. They have a small panel on top that provides all the energy they need.

remove hot air from an atticAttic Fans
Using attic fans, whether they’re powered or not, is definitely a requirement in many homes. While those who live in colder areas may not need as much home ventilation, those in warm, humid climates certainly do. You definitely don’t want to risk using old attic vents in these areas.

We install attic vents in Birmingham AL and the surrounding areas.

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