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Make sure your building is protected from the elements for years to come by letting us install a high quality TPO, PVC or ModBit roof.

When you’re looking for a long lasting roof at an affordable price, let us show you the best options for your specific building.

Flat Roof Replacement

We offer tried and true flat roof replacement options that are best for waterproofing your roof. Some of the types of roofing we replace are:

  • Built-up / Tar and Gravel – The built-up technique was popular for many years, although it has now been largely replaced with new materials. However, many existing buildings still have built-up coatings which need maintenance and repair.
  • Single-ply / PVC, TPO – A single-ply membrane is a large sheet fastened to the roof over insulation board, with screws or glue. The membranes come in a variety of different materials. This is the most common method of coating a flat roof today.
  • Spray-applied Coating – A single, seamless coating for your flat roof is created by spraying silicone over existing material. Not only does this coating repel water, but it also reflects solar heat, keeping your building cool in summer.

Whichever type of low-slope or flat roofing you have, rest assured we have the skills and experience to remove and replace it.

Flat roofs are highly resistant to storm damage, as the roofing materials are much larger and more strongly adhered to the roof. However, they can easily pool water if they aren’t correctly installed and allow water to soak into seams and cause water damage.

As a roof replacement company, we build a high quality, long lasting and affordable flat roof for you.

We provide flat roof replacement in Birmingham.

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