Hail Damage Roof Repair

birmingham hail damage roof repairHail damage roof repair includes its own distinct set of problems.

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Our expert roofing contractors know how to evaluate a roof’s hail damage and provide affordable options for keeping your home safe and secure.

Whether you have a shingle, flat or metal roof, we can inspect it and get it repaired pretty quickly.

Do I Need Hail Damage Roof Repair?

Most traumatic storm damage is caused by the wind and flying debris, both of which snag roof shingles and panels and potentially pull them loose, exposing the wood beneath. This allows water to seep through into the attic space. Wood paneling rots, drywall and insulation mold and mildew, and paint can bubble as the water works its way into the living areas of the home.

Hail damage is far less traumatic, but can lead to roof leaks. Rather than breaking off pieces of the roof, it merely stresses the materials through its relentless pounding. If you have asphalt shingles, check your gutters after a storm of hail or heavy rain. If it’s full of asphalt particles, that’s a sign your shingles are degrading, making them more likely to tear in the future.

Other Hail Damage
The state of your gutters and the fascia (the edge of the roof) can also tell a story of hail damage. Here you may find divits formed by the pounding hail. If the gutters and fascia faced this much punishment, your roof did as well.

Ultimately, the roof needs to be inspected, a dangerous endeavor that causes numerous serious accidents every year. Leave it to the experts! We’ll perform a quality inspection and, if necessary, provided a hail damage roof repair price quote.

Do it Now Rather than Later
It’s tempting to put off hail damage roof repairs because so often there is no obvious symptom of the damage. But putting off replacing bad shingles makes it more likely a storm will rip them away, and you’ll be catching rainwater in buckets until a roof repair company can make it out.

We provide the best hail damage roof repair in Birmingham.

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