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new roof installation in BirminghamDo you need a new roof installation that you can count on? For more than a decade, Roof Replacement Birmingham has been removing and installing new roofs.

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While a shingle, metal or flat roof can last for decades, eventually they all need a new installation. Let us show you just how affordable it is to get a new roof with a variety of shapes, colors and features.

New Roof Installation

Getting new roof installation is affordable and relatively quick. In most cases, the old roofing can be removed in just a few hours and then new roofing installed by the end of the day. Much of this depends on the condition of the roof decking and type of roof you have.

Some of the types of new roofs we install are as follows:

  • Shingle Roofs – Fiberglass & Asphalt, Architectural/ Dimensional and 3-Tab.
  • Cedar Shake Roofs – Wood & Synthetic, All types and styles.
  • Metal Roofs – Standing Seam, R-Panel & Corrugated.
  • Flat Roofs – TPO, PVC, ModBit and EPDM.

Before we install any roof, we always perform an in-depth roof inspection. Why? Because the roofing surface we put on is only as good as the structure we attach it to. Sometimes, we may need to make a roof repair or two on the decking.

After severe storms rip through the area with high winds and hail, it’s always a good idea to have your roof checked for storm damage. Depending on how much of your roof was affected, you may need a new roof installed.

Known for being an affordable roof replacement company, it’s also nice to know that most of the roofs we install are backed by a 50 year warranty.

Is It Time For A Roof Installation?
Minor damage like limited numbers of loose shingles can be solved by repair. But how do you know if the problem is bigger than that? Climb into your attic and inspect the ceiling boards, known as the roof deck.

Do you see water stains? Does it sag in places? Does your attic have a musty smell? Check the insulation, if you can. Has mold started to grow within it? And can you see daylight from inside your attic?

On the outside, look at the state of the shingles. Do they lay flat, or are they curling? Are some cracked or missing? Are the flashing damaged around chimneys and other protuberances? Are there large amounts of granules in your gutter that are the color of your shingles?

That’s a sign of steady degradation. Take particular note of the roof valleys: the depressions formed when two elements of the house intersect. These become troughs for rain and snow. That motion can wear them down faster than other areas of the roof.

Benefits of a New Roof Installation
New techniques and materials are being created all the time. Your new roof is likely to be more resilient to damage than your old one, and may also offer benefits such as insulation. They come in many different shapes and colors so you can beautify your home as you protect it. And we’re so confident in our work, we give up to a 50 year warranty on it.

Call us out for a free inspection and estimate. We can discuss your options, including whether it really is time for a new roof installation, or whether your trouble areas can simply be repaired.

We provide new roof installation in Birmingham.

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