Roof Leak Repair

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Whether you’ve just discovered a slow drip or a gaping leak, We will install strong seals to keep the leak from ever happening again.

When You Need Roof Leak Repair

Sometimes a leak is obvious. Water steadily drips, dribbles or runs into buckets you’ve installed under them.
But plenty of leaks are not obvious. Additional signs of leakage include:

  • Curling Shingles – If water gets under the shingles, it can warp the wood panels beneath. This, in turn, causes shingles to lift away from the roof.
  • Musty Attic Smell – The first place leaks go is into your attic, which sits just underneath the roof. Here, the water invades insulation and other soft materials and causes mold and mildew. Not only does this cause a musty odor, but it also offers significant health issues for those inside the home.
  • Dripping Sounds in the Lights – Sometimes water finds its way into the openings for ceiling lights. There it can drip inside and pool, posing a significant fire hazard.
  • Ceiling Discoloration and Bubbling – Rather than finding its way into the lights, sometimes the water pools inside the ceiling. This causes the ceiling to discolor and the paint to sometimes bubble. A roof repair is needed here.

No need to find the leak yourself. If you’ve found evidence of a leak, call us! We’ll quickly find the source of the problem and make it good as new. For the best, most reputable roof leak repair in Birmingham, give us a call.

Common Locations of Roof Leaks
Most leaks do not actually form out in the open; rather they occur in the crevasses of your roof’s contours. The top 3 roof leak locations are:

  1. Flashings – The weatherproofing that joins vertical elements like chimneys with the roof.
  2. Valleys – When different architectural elements intersect, a depressed area called a valley is formed, and it is relatively vulnerable.
  3. Skylights -Skylights are notorious for leakage, but a properly sealed skylight should be all sun and no rain for people indoors.

We provide affordable roof leak repair in Birmingham.

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